Alamy Stock Photography
Rights managed travel stock images currently featuring 1200 images by Wendy Kaveney.
"The World's Largest Poster and Print Store" - 46 featured images for purchase by Wendy Kaveney (Search 'Wendy Kaveney' on the home page if this link doesn't take you to the Wendy Kaveney collection)

Andre Gallant- Photographer

Bill Pohley Photography
Wildlife, travel, people, and event photography.

Bill Young Photography

Brenda Tharp Photography
Link To More 2014 Namibia Tour Details

Churchill Wild
Specializing in “on the ground” or “in the bay” access to polar bears, beluga whales, Aurora Borealis and more.

Cosmopolitan Adventure Tours- Larkspur, CA
Specialists in custom-made travel arrangements to South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Danita Delimont: The Jaynes Gallery
Rights managed travel stock images currently featuring almost 3500 images by Wendy Kaveney.

David W. Kelly - Nature and Wildlife Imagery

Freeman Patterson- Photographer/Writer
Photography and Visual Design.

Garry Black
Specializing in travel, landscape and nature photography.

Gary Potts- Photographer

Gilles Lovisa- Polynesian Tattoo Artist
Visiting Moorea and want a personal souvenir? This is the place to get your tattoo!

Harnas Wildlife Foundation- Namibia
A sustainable nature reserve where specific species can be released, as well as to function as temporary reception center and recover station for those animals that will be released back into the wild

IMCPL Digital Library Collection-Infozone
Images of 1,000 artifacts from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis’ collection. (Photographed by Wendy Kaveney and Debbie Winchester)

Joe Van Os Photo Safaris

JS Perry
Fine art cat drawings, funny prints, and custom pet portraits

Maureen Kaveney Photography

Milagros and Omar- Duo de baile
The passion of tango featuring Milagros Suarez and Omar Ponti from Buenos Aries, Argentina

North American Nature Photography Association

Rocky Mountain School of Photography

Rod Plank Photography

Sherry K
Sherry K in a nutshell: Pianist/ Composer/ Recording Artist/ Entertainer/ Biker Chick/ Pillsbury Bake-Off Finalist/ Jazzy Gourmet!

Special Olympics of Hamilton County

Strabo Photo Tours
Check out the itinerary for our 2014 Namibia Tour led by Brenda Tharp and Wendy Kaveney

Tommy's Tours and Safaris- Swakopmund, Namibia
When visiting Namibia, Tommy's 1/2 day educational and eco minded Living Desert Tour is a 'must' on your itinerary.

Wendy Kaveney photos featured on numerous gift items, including iPad and iPhone covers.