© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14027677: Kolmanskop, Luderitz 2016 Namibia Photo Tour Sampler Gallery        slide show (53)

This Gallery is a sample of images made at locations that we have included in our July/August 2016 photo trip itinerary.
Details of the tour can be found by clicking on the 'Strabo Photo Tours' Link or on 'Brenda Tharp Photography' link on my Links page. (Above)

Once you experience Namibia, it will forever be in your heart.

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 6507487: kaveneyw_3472 4th of July - Happy Birthday USA!        slide show (29)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 13268276: kaveneyw 2228 Artomobilia        slide show (44)
ARTOMOBILIA ~ "A Celebration of Automotive Art and Design"
Each year, this unique event features a distinct gathering of recognized artists, collector cars, and automotive enthusiasts, showcased on the streets of the Carmel Arts & Design District.

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14332045: Play-fighting Zebras Best of 2013        slide show (44)
Magical moments, subjects discovered for the first time, special times with friends and family, and those moments which excited me as I saw them come together through the viewfinder in 2013.
(See Related Blog Post: "What Does 'The Best' Actually Mean?)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 3115718: Chihuly Glass Sculpture Installation at ...        slide show (25)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14730220: kaveneyw 6842 Day of the Dead at the Desert Botanical ...        slide show (23)

Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures during the first weekend of Novenber. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 10216121: kaveneyw 100418 smokies 0408 0 Elkmont - Remnants of Long Ago        slide show (22)
Within the boundaries of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park lies a collection of abandoned houses. The Elkmont community began as a hunting community and later changed into a destination for the affluent people of Eastern Tennessee to escape the hot urban summers. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994, there has been an ongoing debate about whether these homes should be restored or whether to allow them to crumble and disappear through neglect.

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 8568465: Jeeves For the Love of Dogs        slide show (56)
FOR DOG LOVERS EVERYWHERE: Images of canines from around the world.

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 4484956: Gone Fishing        slide show (45)
A photo essay on the art of fly fishing and fishing flies themselves.

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 3115580: Habitat for Humanity        slide show (30)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 6606095: irish_pub_1966 Irish Pubs        slide show (30)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 3115773: IUPUI Campus Life        slide show (24)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14411719: Directly Overhead (F-16, P-38 & F-86 Sabre) Lightning in the Desert - Luke Air Show ...        slide show (27)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14411693: ...Into the Wild Blue Yonder Lightning in the Desert- USAF Thunderbirds        slide show (36)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14821315: In Hot Pursuit - Calf Roping NSPRA Senior Pro Rodeo 2015- Buckeye, AZ        slide show (36)
Gallery added 1-29-2015

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 3115808: Oranje        slide show (27)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 5621528: Italy_8973 Patterns of Pompeii        slide show (52)
Looking beyond the big picture: a collection of abstracts, patterns and textures of Pompeii.

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 8588605: Hip Frenzy Polynesian Dance        slide show (26)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 8588709: Traditional Tatau Tools Polynesian Tattoo        slide show (23)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 3115879: "Treasured Medals" Special Olympics        slide show (29)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 8327651: Pour Vino        slide show (26)
A collection of wine related images photographed in South America


© Wendy Kaveney

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