© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 9766253: Springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) Etosha National Park-2009        slide show (84)
Etosha is one of the highlights of Namibia. It was declared a game reserve in 1907. Etosha means "Great White Place" because of its central salt pan which makes up 25% of the park. The salt pan fills with precious water for a very short time after heavy rains attracting thousands of wading birds.

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 12414373: Etosha National Park-2011        slide show (38)

My second visit to Etosha National Park was after an extremely wet rainy season allowing me the opportunity to photograph wading birds in addition to the abundant wildlife that lives here.

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14229626: Play Fighting Etosha National Park-2013        slide show (28)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14732170: Baby Silhouette Namibia Wildlife        slide show (65)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 12470159: Side Winder The Living Desert        slide show (31)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 9675996: Caution: Wild Horses Wild Horses of the Namib Desert        slide show (38)
For more than 100 years the desert horses of the Namib have been roaming free between Luderitz and Aus. Their origin is a mystery, and they gather at the Garub watering hole.


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