© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 15224520: Cheetah and Cub THE 2016 WONDERS OF NAMIBIA PHOTO TOUR
WOW!!! What a great trip this was! The range of photographic opportunities within Namibia is quite unique and each time I have visited this amazing place, I have experienced something different and new....
In this gallery are some of my favorite images I made during our recent photo tour to Namibia. Enjoy!

NEW GALLERY (added September 2016)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 12208029: kaveneyw harnas 5812 Harnas Wildlife Foundation -ANIMALS
The Harnas Wildlife Foundation is a not for profit organization in Namibia whose mission is to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals and, if possible, return them to the wild giving them a second chance at life. (www.harnas.org)

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 11689593: You're Near My Territory! Wildlife

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14017471: kaveneyw 2 Minnesota Wildlife Connection
In June 2013 I visited Minnesota Wildlife Connection in Sandstone, Minnesota, with a group of friends to photograph a variety of captive mammals native to the northern Minnesota area. This gallery is a collection of the different species we photographed.

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 8580361: Pink Orchids Nature

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 8552889: A Classic View Journeys & Destinations

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 11460529: Blue Funnel Spring National Parks & Monuments

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 8580364: Island and Snorkeler Islands

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 3461379: Patagonia

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 5916357: Italy

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 3176557: Private Galleries

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14027675: Red Dunes, Namib-Naukluft Park 2016 NAMIBIA PHOTO TOUR INFORMATION
The range of photographic opportunities within Namibia is quite unique, and Brenda Tharp and I, along with Strabo Photo Tours have crafted an itinerary for July/August 2016 that will provide you with as much photo opportunities as possible through the journey. Come on in and have a look at what we have in store for you!

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 9678922: kaveneyw namibia 7422 Namibia:Scenery

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 12233065: A Drink With A Twist Namibia: Animals

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 9675846: Young Himba Woman in Profile, Opuwo Namibia: People

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 14821319: Bucking Bronco - Bronc Riding Documentary and Editorial

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 8563696: kaveneyw 070817 in state fair Throughwendyslens & Beyond

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 3176579: "Autumn- Heaven Sent" Award Winning & Published Images

© Wendy  Kaveney PhotoID# 3115439: Art Portfolio &Commercial Photography


© Wendy Kaveney

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